Apprenticeship Programs: Investing in Our Future

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Tuesday, May 7 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

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Location: W414AB

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Title: Apprenticeship Programs: Investing in Our Future


Retiring team members and a need for a more skilled workforce in the labor market are challenges many production companies are facing. The pool of candidates becomes even smaller when plastics industry-specific expertise is required. Back in 2021, ENGEL North America created its own apprenticeship program. The company started the initiative not only due to the need to find an alternative for training programs or schools. For ENGEL, investing in the team members of the future is as important as taking the first steps to make things better for the industry. The presentations will show how a company can benefit on multiple levels from running an apprenticeship program. On a broader scale, initiatives like this can support the plastics industry when brought to a national level.

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Type: General Session




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