Plastic 3D Printing vs. Injection Molding: Making the Best Choice

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Wednesday, May 8 1:15 PM - 1:45 PM

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Location: S320

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Title: Plastic 3D Printing vs. Injection Molding: Making the Best Choice


This 30-minute session, led by Greg Paulsen of Xometry, will address the question of when to opt for plastic 3D printing over injection molding. The presentation aims to give attendees a comprehensive understanding of when and why to employ plastic 3D printing or injection molding, ensuring informed decision-making for efficient and innovative manufacturing solutions.  
The session will highlight the practical applications, benefits, and limitations of additive manufacturing and injection molding and how these decisions guide the journey of a product's lifecycle - from initial conceptualization and design sensitivity to end-of-life repair and replacement considerations. 

During the session, popular additive manufacturing technologies will be reviewed in-depth, including SLS, HP MJF, FDM, SLA, and production photopolymer technologies. Paulsen will identify the 'sweet spots' where additive manufacturing excels and situations where its limitations become apparent, including cost-effectiveness. Additionally, the session will touch upon emerging trends in advanced manufacturing, including hybrid approaches that utilize 3D printing for tooling. The presentation will conclude with a Q&A session with the audience. 

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Type: 3D Print Workshop




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